Without a doubt, Showbox is the leading app to stream online movies and TV shows in mobiles. However, its servers go down due to high load coming from many users accessing videos at a particular time interval. Sometimes user face errors like Showbox not working or application isn’t responding errors.

While Showbox app for android was consistently giving errors. Meanwhile, several developers made a smart move by developing similar applications like Showbox with the same features. So in this article, we will be listing out Best alternatives for Showbox which will let you continue to stream your favorite online content for free.

Showbox is an excellent application offering tons of features to its users without any charges. People started liking Showbox app a lot. The Showbox developers got a good response from the community. But Showbox is not perfect so you will stumble upon some bugs and issues along the way. If you do, you might want to check out how to Fix Showbox Video/Server Not Available. But anyway, here is the list of Showbox alternatives. This list will be featuring similar apps to Showbox with lesser bugs or errors.

Best Showbox Alternatives 2018

1. Crackle

Crackle - Free TV & Movies

This is my personal favorite in this list of best alternatives of Showbox application. You can figure out the awesomeness of this app by the fact that this application has 20-30 million active users. Just like YouTube, Crackle application gives you an option to add a video to watch later list.

This application is available for IOS as well as Android platforms just like Showbox for your iPhone.

2. Movie Box

MovieBox App Image

Movie Box app is a perfect alternative for Showbox. Developers of this application have somehow managed to put same features to Showbox application. You can enjoy old and the latest release with Movie Box application on the go!

Unique features of Movie Box are but not limited to choosing Video. However, one thing to note is that “movie box app is only available for iPhone and iPad”.

3. PlayBox HD

PlayBox HD App

Playbox HD application is another alternative to Showbox application. It has features which are similar to as of Showbox application. Using PlayBox HD, you can watch high definition Movies and TV shows without facing errors.

Playbox HD straightforward and easy navigation adds plus point in the usability and user experience while using this application. This application is capable of streaming online content seamlessly. Furthermore, it has add-on features like Subtitle, reviews & rating feature which makes it a perfect competitor for the Showbox application.

However, this application is currently only available to IOS platform; like iPhone and iPad. That means, no support for other OSes like the Showbox for PC, Showbox for Ubuntu Linux, and Showbox for Sony PS4.

4. Megabox HD

MegaBox HD App

As the name suggests, Megabox HD app allows you to stream all movies with good quality. This application can be a good alternative when Showbox in your phone is giving errors.

Megabox HD is the home to the best movie experience and entertainment. The user interface and the speed of this application have made this application reach the top of entertainment category.

5. Hulu

Hulu Image

Hulu app is yet another good alternative to Showbox app. This application is also loaded with Watchlist feature, with which you can add videos to watch it later at the time.

Hulu application also boasts a feature to Chromecast your videos on your Television so that you can enjoy the movies on the bigger screens.

6. Hubi

Hubi App

Hubi is one of the best alternatives to Showbox app and is one of the most popular entertainment application. Despite having an odd look, Hubi doesn’t compromise on the user interface and quality. Furthermore, this application doesn’t need any Flashplayer to work.

Hubi also lets its users stream as well as download their favorite movies offline to watch later on the phone or even on PC.

7. Gigaplex HD

Gigaplex HD

Gigaplex HD application was previously only available to IOS platforms, but recently its developers made it available to Android too. This application has managed to deliver quality and sustains millions of users with satisfaction around the globe.

You can easily download this app and enjoy free movies. Along with the free movies, GigaPlex HD also sells high-quality movies which you may want to buy.

In Conclusion

Considering that Showbox application is the leading application and it is still the first choice of people who know its worth. The above-listed applications are the perfect alternative to Showbox and are personally used by me.

In the past few months, many people have fed up with Showbox errors, and if you are too done with Showbox, then you can consider trying the above applications.

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