Collingwood hospital celebrates latest colon cancer screening tech

The new devices, purchased by donations from the Giving Circle, is a ‘significant leap forward’ for the community hospital’s colon most cancers screening application


The Collingwood Basic and Marine Clinic (CGMH) has upgraded its colon cancer screening tech, thanks to a donation from a women’s group formed in guidance of the hospital’s foundation. 

Just in time for Colorectal Most cancers Consciousness month, the hospital released two new condition-of-the-artwork resources utilized for cancer screening that have been added to the CGMH endoscopy suite. 

According to a information release from the hospital the first new buy is the GI Genius Clever Endoscopy module, which is run by synthetic intelligence to act as a next established of eyes helping surgeons all through colonoscopies. The device identifies suspicious polyps, learning from a databases of about 13 million images to enrich performance and accuracy of polyp detection. 

“CGMH is just one of only a couple hospitals in Canada with this groundbreaking engineering,” states the hospital’s news launch. 

The next new invest in for the endoscopy suite is the Olympus X1, which is effective with the GI Genius to increase vibility and precision, building it easier to discover abnormal tissue growths in the colon. 

“CGMH is the second healthcare facility in Canada to place this high-definition engineering to use,” states the news release, incorporating the clearer image developed by the Olympus X1 will support with previously detection rates.  

“With the Olympus X1 and GI Genius at our fingertips, we’re not just placing the bar – we’re using it to new heights,” said Dr. Michael Lisi, chief of staff members at CGMH, in the news release. “CGMH is now at the forefront of colorectal most cancers screening in Canada, and we’re thrilled to offer you our sufferers the complete best in cutting-edge technological innovation, right below in South Georgian Bay.” 

These new additions aid CGMH’s robust colon cancer screening plan which conducts in excess of 2,000 colonoscopies on a yearly basis.

Colorectal cancer stays a person of the top causes of most cancers-similar deaths in Ontario for the two adult males and women. Early detection drastically boosts the likelihood of survival, with 9 out of ten persons successfully handled when the ailment is caught in its early phases.

By harnessing this new technological innovation for most cancers screening, CGMH is improving early analysis which will ultimately aid help you save lives.  

This considerable leap ahead in CGMH’s colon most cancers screening application is produced attainable through the generous assistance of CGMH Foundation’s Supplying Circle, underscoring our community’s commitment to supporting healthcare innovation. 

The Offering Circle is a team of women supporting the Collingwood Typical and Marine Medical center Basis by funding tasks that will influence the treatment presented to clients at CGMH.