Showbox for Mac: Mac is one of the most popular operating system used worldwide in personal computers. Unlike Windows operating system, Mac isn’t open source software and can only be installed in Macbook or Desktops manufactured by Apple Inc. There is a real craze of Mac among tech lovers around the globe, it isn’t only about the need for computing, but it appears as a status symbol too.

Showing App Running On Mac Image
Showing App Running On Mac Image

Showbox is an online video streaming application which lets users stream/download movies and TV shows online. The best part about Showbox app is that it is free from any subscription charges. Since Showbox was built and designed for Android platform, you might need to use emulators to make it function on your Mac operating system. If you are an iPhone or iPad user, visit the Showbox for iPhone devices/iPad article.

I’m sure that you are here seeking a solution to run Showbox on your Mac. So in this article, we will be covering the procedure on how to get Showbox working on your iMac/Macbook. We’ll keep this guide short but precise which will include multiple methods to run Showbox on your Mac.

How to Run Showbox On Mac

Showbox on Mac Taskbar

There are various procedures to run Showbox on your Mac operating system out of which we will be covering three reliable and secure techniques.

Run Showbox on Mac Using Genymotion Software

This software helps users to create a virtual Android device on Mac, which will transform the Mac into a temporary Android device. You need to follow these below steps to install Genymotion and run Showbox on your device:

Showbox Mac App Screenshot
Showbox Mac App Screenshot
  1. First of all, download and install Genymotion application by clicking this link.
  2. After the successful installation of Genymotion, double-click on its launcher to run Genymotion application.
  3. A window will appear on the screen, click on “add.”
  4. Now you will get the list of mobile devices to choose from. Choose your desired mobile device and Genymotion will show it as the selected mobile device.
  5. Now download Showbox APK file from
  6. After the APK is downloaded successfully, drag and drop it into the Virtual Device.
  7. Now Genymotion will automatically install the Showbox APK.
  8. After completing the installation of Showbox, open the application and enjoy streaming your favorite content on Showbox.

Download Showbox APK


How To Run Showbox On Your Mac Using Arc-Welder Chrome Extention

Showbox Mac App Options
Showbox Mac App Options
  1. Download and install Google Chrome Web Browser (Skip this step, if you already have Google Chrome browser installed).
  2. Navigate to Extensions and install Arc-Welder Chrome Extention.
  3. Now click Add to Chrome
  4. Click “add app” on the next dialog box.
  5. On the blank tab, click on Apps
  6. Launch Arc Welder
  7. Now you need to choose the directory where you want the application data to be stored.
  8. Download Showbox APK from the link provided above.
  9. In the Arc Welder Chrome Extention, click on “Add your APK” button and add the Showbox APK which you just downloaded.
  10. In this screen, you can choose the form factor between windowed or full-screen.
  11. Click “Test.”
  12. Showbox will now run on your Mac without any issues.

Run Showbox On Your Mac PC Using Bluestacks Android Emulator

Watch Movies on Showbox Mac
Watch Movies on Showbox Mac
  1. Initially, download Bluestacks Android emulator on your Mac device.
  2. Double click on the Bluestacks setup file you just downloaded and follow the installation screen.
  3. Download Showbox APK file from below click.
  4. Right-click on the Showbox APK file and open it will Bluestacks App Player.
  5. Now Bluestacks will automatically install Showbox app on your Mac PC.
  6. After a few moments, the APK will be installed successfully; you can open and enjoy streaming online with Showbox.

Download BlueStacks Here

Final Verdict

Showbox isn’t yet officially available for Mac Operating System. But we included our tried and working solutions to run Showbox on Mac PC. We are sure that this guide will help you running Showbox on your Mac and we will be happy to hear comments from you. For more information about Showbox, visit the Showbox Frequently Asked Questions page.

Have some thoughts? Need help or want experts’ opinion? Shoot them out in the comments below.

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