It has been a long time since we are using Showbox app, the ultimate Movie streaming application. This application has served well for every platform such as Android, Mac, Blackberry, Windows PC and we faced no errors in the beginning. However, since the recent updates people have started facing issues like Showbox Not Working, App connection error and more.

As Showbox has started giving errors, you might want to try the best Showbox alternatives which we listed in our previous article. This is if you want to have an alternative till Showbox developers fix the problems.

In this article, I’ll be covering all the errors which people face while using Showbox application. I will also provide the step-by-step solution in depth for all the errors which Showbox creates. For more details and information about Showbox, visit the Showbox FAQ: What is Showbox.

Fix showbox errors

Fix Showbox Update not Working

Fix Showbox Update not Working

Every application, whether it is free or paid needs the regular update to add new features and get bugs fixed. Since Showbox is not available in PlayStore, you won’t be able to enjoy automatic updates from Android Market Place. In an aid to this – You need to regularly update the Showbox application to keep it from giving errors. If malware is your problem, you might want to learn to remove Showbox virus on that link.

Download and install the latest Showbox APK from below link to get rid of Server not available, Update not working errors.

Download Showbox APK Latest Version

Fix “Unfortunately Showbox Has Stopped”

Unfortunately Showbox Has Stopped

This solution also works with Showbox error: Try another Server

This error comes when the application stores irrelevant cache in the storage which creates the problem. The error can be fixed easily, just follow the below steps:

  1. First of all, Turn off Mobile Data and the WiFi.
  2. Navigate to settings on your Smartphone.
  3. Now tap of Application Manage.
  4. Find Showbox application and tap on it.
  5. Now you will see a button labeled “Clear Data”. Just tap on it which will remove Showbox data and fix the error.
  6. Now turn on your Mobile Data/WiFi and open Showbox, and now you can use the application without the error.

Fix Showbox Video Not Available or Server Not Available

Showbox Video Not Available

Unfortunately, this error is from the Showbox’s developers end, and we can’t do much to fix this error. All we can do is to e-mail the Showbox developers to fix this issues as soon as possible. This is a common issue with Showbox for XBox One and Showbox Kodi.

However, I’m pretty sure that the backend developers are already occupied in fixing this issues, and hopefully, they will fix the error soon.

Wrapping Up

Showbox is a great application which is a home to your entertainment. In the recent days, users have started facing the errors which we can understand that every application creates errors in a particular time frame. We can just hope that the developers fix the issues in a prompt time. In the meantime, you still have the option to try out the alternatives of Showbox which we listed in our last article.

We’ve tried to include all the errors with its solutions which Showbox HD application creates. However, if you face a new error or if you feel that I have missed something; kindly put it down in the comments section.

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    • Thanks for letting us know, We were hosting the showbox file on MediaFire. Their service sucks… Even premium subscription is shit.

      We have just updated the download link, you can download it now.

  1. I have tried to watch movies on my laptop but whenever i press ‘watch now’ the screen goes blank and a little jigsaw piece appears with a sad face. What does this mean?

  2. I have updated it and guees what it makes u use your memory and when u have it doesn’t work plz help this

  3. Was using Showbox on my Android Box last night and everything was working fine. Go to turn it on today and I only get torrent options. I only want to stream NOT DOWNLOAD!!! Please fix this and replace servers.

  4. When I try to watch anything on showbox, a list of choices comes up like this
    O 720p -379.5MB – 91 seeds
    O 720p – 279 MB – 88 seeds
    And so on. The list to choose from can be just a few to a whole bunch. When I choose one, doesn’t matter which one, I get the spinning light blue circle and a message that says my movie is about to start, have a little patience, etc. The movie or TV show never starts! I uninstalled and reinstalled showbox. Not sure what else to do?

  5. I just got a buzz tv android box and my show box app used to work but now gives me “no space available on SD card”. I have emptied the cache even when there is barely anything in it and when I click on the ‘storage’ icon in the show box settings, it gives me “no storage space”

    What can I do? Show box is my favourite app to watch movies. And is there a way to change the mouse from scrolling to regular? I have to change to mouse and I hate it

  6. Hi, I only have the option to stream via Torrents. Can you please bring back the regular streaming option?

  7. i have been trying to figure out how I can watch movies on showbox for awhile. Installed the newest version, now I dont have the torrent problem, but whenever I click on WATCH NOW I get the sad puzzle face. pls help

  8. Movies some times pause and restart or just freeze up and making you have to restart the movie..I hope you fix this and not all movies download like they should ..Showbox is an amazing app other than some issues that hopefully get fixed

  9. I am getting an issue where i can’t watch movie on my mobile data but whenever I am connected with wifi, the Watch now button is active else its disabled…
    Weired issue.. please help…


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