How Divorce Attorneys Can Help You Resolve Property Disputes

If you’re going through a divorce and are concerned about your assets, debts, and property, you should consider hiring a divorce attorney. This will help you to deal with these things as soon as possible and avoid unnecessary stress. These attorneys will also be able to make sure that you meet the legal requirements of your state.


There are some ways you can ensure you get a fair shake from your divorce settlement. One of the most important is ensuring that the property is divided equitably.

The most logical place to start is determining what types of assets you own. Some of the most valuable may include real estate, stocks, and investments. If you own a business, you may have other important considerations to think about.

Getting a divorce can be a difficult and emotional time in your life. But it’s no reason to go it alone. A skilled Manhattan divorce attorney can guide you through the process, and help you avoid costly mistakes along the way.

As you work to determine how to divide your assets best, consider the benefits of using a forensic accountant to determine the value of your assets. Using a qualified professional can pay for itself many times over.


If you are in the divorce game, you have encountered your fair share of property disputes. While settling on a final settlement may be difficult, a divorce attorney can make the task much smoother. This may be especially true of financial assets like a home, car, or bank account. Using a legal professional to navigate the tangled ties can save you time, stress, and money. Besides, you will likely have your ex in a much better mood if you can work out the kinks in advance.

It is no secret that dividing property is tricky, which is why the court system is still in business. However, this does not mean that you have to let your spouse run the eelgrass. Here are some things you can do to help you along the way.

The most obvious first step is to find a lawyer willing to listen to your caseload and work out a plan for you. 

Prenuptial Agreements

If you’re preparing for a divorce, you may have questions about property division. Fortunately, you can make things easier on yourself with the help of a prenuptial agreement.

When drafting a prenuptial agreement, it’s important to consider each party’s assets and liabilities. A good prenuptial attorney can ensure that you understand your rights and responsibilities and that your agreement is fair to both.

A prenuptial agreement is designed to prevent future disagreements. Rather than a contentious battle over property, couples can work together to agree on how to split their assets and debts.

However, this is not a guaranteed outcome. The court can invalidate a prenuptial agreement for some reasons. For example, if the parties fail to disclose their financial information, the court will likely refuse to enforce the agreement.

If you have significant differences in income or wealth before your marriage, a prenuptial agreement can provide peace of mind and protection for your assets. In addition, a prenuptial agreement can preserve their inheritance rights if you’ve had children from a previous relationship.

Legal Requirements in Your State

If you’re considering hiring divorce attorneys to settle a property dispute, you should first learn about your state’s legal requirements. This will help you protect your rights and interests in your case.

To file for a divorce, the person who wishes to end the marriage must submit a Summons and Verified Complaint. The papers must be served to the other party by a process server or another adult. You can also hire a licensed professional to serve your documents for you.

Courts divide property according to a system called “equitable distribution.” The court assigns responsibility based on some factors. It looks at future tax losses, health insurance, and pension rights.

Before you hire a lawyer, ask questions about fees. Divorce trials can be expensive. You can ask the judge to waive fees if you cannot afford to pay for your attorney’s services. Also, you can ask a legal aid agency to provide an attorney for the entire divorce.