Philips helium-saving BlueSeal MRI magnet technology – News

Philips introduces the initially and only entirely-sealed 1.5T magnet, aiding to accomplish ‘helium-free’ MR functions

As early as 2018, Philips acknowledged this profligate use of helium in MRI scanners was unsustainable. So the enterprise made a MRI magnet that not only uses a portion of the helium than the common typical scanner, but also doesn’t vent it to the ambiance in the event of a magnet quench. Philips’ BlueSeal Magnet is the industry’s first and nevertheless the only completely-sealed 1.5T (Tesla) magnet to be released in a commercially offered MRI scanner. And development has appear a extended way. Philips at present gives an overall family of 70cm bore scanners incorporating BlueSeal magnet technological know-how – MR Ingenia Ambition 1.5T S, MR Ingenia Ambition 1.5T X, and the latest upcoming-proofed, effectiveness-maximizing MR 5300. With a few MRI offerings that use a mere .5% of the helium necessary for common scanners devoid of will need for a refill, Philips is actively performing to shut the hole amid the helium shortage, earning choice, very low-helium systems additional easily obtainable across the globe.

What’s actually amazing is that the BlueSeal Magnet in these scanners necessitates only 7 liters of liquid helium. The 1,700 liters of helium demanded for a single conventional magnet could supply far more than 230 Philips BlueSeal magnets with the helium they want to make the same high quality diagnostic imaging. And these magnets never ever need a refill, remaining helium-absolutely free in functions for lifestyle. If a reduction of industry does arise, the BlueSeal procedure remains completely sealed, reducing scanner downtime and doing away with helium sourcing issues. With a world wide mounted foundation of practically 600 units, it is believed that Philips BlueSeal-outfitted scanners have by now saved a lot more than 1 million liters of helium because 2018 [7].

“We won’t have any challenges of refilling through the machine’s life span, and we can fail to remember about the helium,” stated Dr. Marίa del Mar Travieso, Head of the Radiology Division at Hospitales San Roque (Spain). “This will save us dollars and assist us be additional environmentally pleasant.”

“We feel that magnets with helium-free of charge functions will play an crucial function in the reputable and sustainable operations of hospitals in the future,” commented Prof Jun Hashimoto, Professor and Chairperson, Office of Radiology, Tokai University College of Medicine (Japan).