showboxDownload Showbox 5.10 APK. If you’re looking for the Showbox app, you can get it from here. We offer free Showbox APK download for Android from our site. We frequently update this page with the latest APK file.

In this digital world, people prefer their smartphones to have entertainment on the go. There are several ways available for people to watch their favorite content online using their smartphones. Out of those many methods, Showbox has received a lot of positive response from its users.

This application can be simply defined as a useful Android application which has the potential to keep you entertained on-the-go. This application has the potential to stream your favorite movies and TV shows without lag. Furthermore, Showbox movies and TV shows directory have almost everything which you want to stream online.

showbox app for android

The most remarkable thing about this app is that you don’t need to purchase any subscription or pay fees to watch videos on Showbox. All the services offered by this app is free. And you won’t have to pay a single penny to access any of its contents. Hence, this application can be considered as one of the best applications available for Android in the present time.

Mobdro is another awesome app which you may try. Mobdro also lets you watch movies and tv shows for free, you can download mobdro apk from here.

Showbox APK Download

Version Showbox 5.10
File Size 38.82 MB
Requirement Android 4.2 and Up
Developer Showbox Team

   Download Showbox

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The Showbox app can come in handy when you are not able to watch your favorite shows on TV at home. In this situation, you may want to stream that content in the later time on your smartphone. And this is the time when Showbox comes as a savior. With this excellent application, there are many possibilities to watch TV shows without worrying about the time or the location you are currently in.
Some people wonder whether it is legal to use Showbox to stream their favorite content online. So let me tell you, this application is completely legal and you don’t need to worry about any copyright issues. Although this app is not available in Google Play Store, however, it is still definitely from a trusted source. So you need to download Showbox APK from the above link. It is just a one-time installation. And you are set to access unlimited content anytime any day.

How to Install Showbox on Android

  1. Just click on above link to directly download the latest APK on your phone.
  2. Navigate to the folder where you downloaded the app using your phone’s file manager.
  3. Just tap on the APK file to begin the installation. Make sure to tick the “unknown sources” in your phone’s settings.
  4. Follow the installation screen and wait for the installation to complete.
  5. Now just launch the Showbox application and enjoy streaming contents for free.

If you are, by any means, looking for some Showbox alternatives for Android, you can check out our article for that too. And there is also a Showbox Download for PC and Download Showbox for Chromecast if you want to experience free video streaming on a bigger screen than your smartphone.

Sites from Where you Should not Download Showbox

Now with a simple google search, you will find many sites which are sharing Showbox APK. Popular sites such as and even some shady sites like, and others are sharing downloads.

But for your safety, we are saying “Do not download from those sites”. Well, the APKMirror’s Showbox is fine, but they don’t update it as often as we do. So your best bet is to download showbox from only.

Note: Just for update Showbox website “” is no more.

Core Features of Showbox

There are some main features of this awesome app which are popular with its users, and you might like them to.

  • The graphical user interface of this application is awesome and looks stunning. The looks of this app are one of the main reasons why it is worth to have.
  • It has a great user interface which enhances the user experience. Its developers have spent down a lot of efforts to build a natural, user-friendly interface.
  • The best thing which I love about this application that you don’t need to register or sign-in to use this application.
  • The App is completely free – You don’t need to pay any subscription fees to use this application.
  • This application is completely legal to use.
  • You can also stay updated with the latest movies and TV shows feature of this app and choose to watch them right away.
  • List formation is another cool feature of this application which lets you choose and organize your favorite movies and TV shows.
  • Apart from streaming, you can also watch your favorite TV show or movies offline by downloading it on the app itself.
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  1. Movies that I was able to watch before the update are now showing as unavailable! All of the movies are in fact showing as unavailable. Wondering if I can downgrade to the last version until you guys get this fixed?

  2. Hi guys can you add download with “ADM” because it is so fast then your download app
    Please add this and thanks for the app

  3. I updated the to the latest version, and now I can’t download any movies. Is that something new or do I need to reinstall the app

  4. Okay. Just updated Showbox and I can’t watch ANYTHING. No servers, can’t torrent because it keeps saying I have no space on my SD card (it’s a 64…). Uninstalled and reinstalled. What the heck?

  5. I deleted shoebox and downloaded it again so when I go TV shows it doesn’t load so when i type what I want to watch it doesn’t pop up or load.the first time downloaded the only way you could watch it is if I went into my favorites but since I started again I have No favorites so I can’t acess it

  6. On both of my Android tablets the app has stopped working I have deleted the app an tried downloading it and it won’t download anymore please fix this issue!!!!!

  7. My question is why isn’t it streaming any channels or shows. I can’t even watch a single episode of my favorite TV shows. Moreover it takes more than 20 minutes to load a single episode. Please help

  8. Do you have the link to donate to the pro version download???? Can anyone help please….???????????????😁😁😁😁😀

  9. I have the 5.08 version, but it won’t let me update. Every time I press update the downloading box just disappear.

  10. Forbidden
    You don’t have permission to access / on this server.

    Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    • We are trying to fix this download server, please bear with us.

      p.s. do not download from other sites, they are shady versions.

  11. I get so frustrated sometimes I download the latest version and it only plays on my tablet or on my Chromecast casting to the tv but not both. I can’t remember which version did both but it was a while ago. So I can’t watch showbox unless I’m at home casting And sometimes for certain versions I could only watch on my tablet at home, when i would want to watch it on my tv. please fix it so I can cast or watch on my video player please like before. Thank you for reading I’ve used this app for years, its literally my favorite Thank you for this app but please help

  12. This site is terrible, tons of great movies but they CONSTANTLY freeze up. I can NOT watch a single F’ing movie all the way through without it constantly freezing. All these stupid updates you do and NOT A SINGLE one fixes the problem. I don’t have that issue with Amazon prime, Netflix OR HULU. IT’S OBVIOUSLY your site. Do something about it. I’ve dealt with this since December of last year and it has NEVER improved.

  13. Im trying to watch master chef and its saying “we’re sorry but you watch to many today like wtf is that a joke really im done with this stupid app

  14. Just downloaded it and movies aren’t working?!! says its unavailable. What do i do to fix the problem?? Thanks!

  15. When I’m trying to open my show its showing
    Error try with another torrent server
    Nd when I’m downloading any show it shows
    Broken torrent try again
    I really appreciate your effort…

  16. Showbox lately said i have to change servers in order to watch movies/shows. When i switch from server A to Torrents it shows seeds. When i click one (i clicked all) it never ever shows up the video i want to play…whats going on?

  17. Love the app! Any chance you could incorporate a dead link button? Some episodes show lots of seeders but then never start to download. (Marvels cloak and dagger s01e06 is perfect example)

  18. Ok so wen I updated to showbox 5.9 it wont allow me to download any movies and have the TV shows r online viewing only

  19. I had to go back,wayyyy back,to get a version that worked (the new one wouldnt let me download/shows just buffered forever,listed under “my faves” things i didnt add,just watched once plus would list it dz’s of time for same show !ect,ect)&old version did things like auto playing the nxt episode,remembering where i was to restart there,ect.WHY arent these features in the latest versions ??

    Also,hate the player youre making us use now,esp since youre adding tons of foreign movies,which WOULD be great,except no subtitles,player wont allow their use.stupid.

    Please fix these issues,id like to use an updated version since version i’m using is so old,obv it glitches all the time.

  20. Hi i appreciate you put on WWE Monday night raw, i was wondering if you could also upload smackdown live/nxt/pay per views as well? I understand it might be hard for the WWE Network exclusive programmes and be on showbox within hours of it finishing. Thanks for the app its brilliant, i use it all the time! 🙂

  21. I have repeatedly tried to watch a show but I keep getting server error.

    Is there something wrong??


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