Showbox app is the leading entertainment app which is used worldwide among all generations lying in different categories. The reason why this application gained so much popularity in a short period is that it delivered what the audience wanted.

While people were spending thousands of dollars to watch movies or download movies, Showbox jumped in and offered people to stream and download High Definition movies free for life. Showbox not only covered movies but  TV Series and Shows too which gave the app an edge over its competitors.

There is much more to know about this excellent application, so we have listed down Showbox app frequently asked questions and answers below. You can also visit the article on how to Fix Showbox Video/Server Not Available.

Showbox App: All FAQs Answered

showbox FAQs

What is Showbox?

Showbox is an entertainment app which lets its users stream/download High Definition movies and TV series for free of cost.


showbox datacenters imageWhere are Showbox datacenters located?

Showbox is a Russian application which is managed and has its data center located in Russia.


What does it cost for the license of Showbox?

Showbox is free; you don’t need to pay any subscription fee or charges ever.


What are the limitations to use Showbox?

There is no time limit to use Showbox; you can use Showbox anywhere and anytime you want.


Which platforms are supported in Showbox?

platforms showbox supportsCurrently, Showbox supports only Android operating system. However, we have found several methods to run it in iOS, Showbox Mac App, Showbox for PC or Windows Phone, showbox app for linux mint, and other Linux distros.


How to download Showbox?

This application isn’t listed on Google Play store, so you need to download it from another trusted source. To download clean Showbox APK which is free from any threats; click the download link below.

Showbox APK Download

Note: Don’t download Showbox from any other site, only download it from

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Is Showbox Legal?

Yes, Showbox servers obtain data from a trusted source which makes this application legal to use. However, we don’t claim 100% on this statement. Kindly check with your country’s government rules to remain on the safer side.


Chromecast using ShowboxCan we Chromecast using Showbox?

Yes, you can Chromecast and stream videos on bigger screens such as Television using Showbox application.


Can we watch Movies or TV Shows offline on Showbox?

Yes, Showbox allows you to download videos to watch it later while you are offline from the internet.


What specifications do I need to run Showbox on my Smartphone?

Showbox is light and fast; it runs smoothly in almost all of the Smartphones which are capable of online stream videos.


Showbox futureIs Showbox going to shut down in near future?

There is no official announcement about Showbox shutting down; we will update this section whenever we get an update.


What are the best alternatives for Showbox?

There are many apps like showbox. But the best among them are – Megabox HD, Playbox HD, Popcorn Time, Crackle, Movie HD and Hulu.

I hope that these Frequently Asked Questions answered all of your doubts, if you still have any questions unanswered, punch them down in the comments section. We will be happy to respond all of your queries in quick time.

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  1. I have all pictures auto download in my Showbox. Can I delete pics in my photos app but it still remains in showbox?

  2. Who do I contact to let them know that Show Box is down?

    I’m obsessed with Show Box and can live without it.

    Please help!!!

  3. My showbox keeps saying you have watched to many episodes and wont let me watch anything it never did this before when i binge watched naruto which is 600 episodes long but i get stopped after 12 episodes of big bang thoery whats wrong here ????

  4. I just got a notice that I have watched too many episodes, and it won’t let me look at movies or TV shows??? Is there a limit to what we can see a day?

  5. I am getting the same notification that I watched too many episodes what is up with that? I would have it on all day on weekends while doing homework very disappointed in this.

  6. Haven’t been able to watch or download a movie for months. Can see them sitting there but go yo try and download or watch and nope no go. Also happens with a number of tv shows as well.

    When this has happened before it rectified quickly but it isn’t this time. Can it be fixed please so many great movies to be watched if only I can.

  7. hi there,

    this program is great

    I tried installing it on an amazon fire stick and it nearly worked. it installed perfectly and loaded ok. the only thing that didn’t work was that there was no way to interface with the program as it appears to be just for a touch display. is a programming change possible where it will accept left, right, up and down commands to highlight the different shows and options?


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