Download Showbox for PC (Windows Desktop/Laptop) from this page. Download Showbox Desktop app from Showbox app website for free. With time, our world is becoming too dependent on the latest portable technologies. And have the urge to carry entertainment on the go.

Showbox, which is a free movie & TV series streaming application, has successfully delivered what people wanted in their smartphone. However, few people want to watch their favorite content on their laptop or desktop which Showbox don’t support officially. As a matter of fact, anyone can use Showbox for Linux, Play Showbox Videos on Chromecast, Showbox for Kodi, and Showbox for Sony PS4 console.

Showbox has proven its capability in the entertainment category. And has earned a strong userbase around the world. Being Android only application, you cannot directly use Showbox for PC. However, you can follow some additional steps and get Showbox working on your Windows device. I’ll try to make this guide as simple as possible. And will include several ways to run Showbox on your PC. You may check out Showbox FAQ: What is Showbox page for more information.

Download Showbox For PC Windows Computer

Run Showbox Application On PC Using Bluestacks

  • Download Bluestacks by clicking on the link below.

Download BlueStacks for PC

  • Now install it by double-clicking on Bluestacks application installer and following the installation screen.bluestacks
  • Next, you have to download Showbox APK from below link.

Showbox APK Download

  • Right-click on the Showbox APK file which you just downloaded and open it with Bluestacks APK installer.
  • Now run Bluestacks Android emulator and click on Showbox icon to use Showbox on your Windows PC.

Run Showbox On PC Using Arc Welder Chrome Extention

  • Download & install Google Chrome web browser (you can skip this step if you have Google Chrome installed).
  • Open Google Chome and go to this address:
  • Now Search for Arc Welder Chrome extension and add it to Chrome.

  • Click on Add App.
  • On the New Tab, click on “Apps.”

  • Open Arc Welder Chrome extension.
  • Now in the Arc Welder extension click “Choose” and select the directory where are want application data to be saved.
  • Download Showbox Apk from below link.
  • In the arc welder go to “Add your Apk” and add Showbox APK which you downloaded earlier.

  • Now in the new dialogue box, you can choose whether you want a full or windowed screen while running Showbox and click test app.

  • Showbox will now run in your Windows PC.
  • To launch Showbox in future : Open Chrome > Apps > Showbox.

Troubleshooting Errors while Running Showbox in Arc Welder

  • If you are getting Connection Error: Check your internet connection, just open a new tab in Google Chrome > Apps and then Showbox.
  • If you are getting WebGL in not supported error, go to Chrome settings and click “Show advanced settings.” Under the system, check uses hardware acceleration when available. Now go to chrome://flags and check on “Override software rendering list. Finally go to chrome://gpu and make sure that Graphic Feature Status has WebGL: Hardware accelerated line.

 Now you’ll be able to run Showbox in Arc Welder without facing errors.

Final Words

Showbox is a great application, but it lacked versatility when it comes to running this application on various platforms. However, we found out methods to run Showbox in PC by using Android Emulator and Chrome Extention. I personally like to run Showbox on Arc Welder Chrome extension.

Have some thoughts? Which procedure did you like to run Showbox on your PC? Share them all in the comments section.

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  1. Is there a way to get a code to be able to add it to roku devices? Says on roku if I have an invitation code then I can add apps to it.. Can anyone tell me?


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