Steps Pedestrians Should Take After Being Hit And Injured By A Negligent Driver

Accidents involving pedestrians are often severe, with injuries and damage specific to a localized area of the incident. Knowing what to do after collisions occur and how soon medical support will arrive if the victim sustains grievous wounds is crucial.

Below are recommended steps to take when an accident involves a pedestrian.

Stay Calm And Determine Any Injuries

Staying calm after an occurrence of an accident is necessary to enable the assessment of injuries and take stock of the accident. Victims may try to determine the nature of sustained injuries to establish whether they can or cannot move into a safe location away from moving vehicles. Victims who get knocked onto the road and cannot move may request help from passers-by, who go ahead to call 911 and wait for aid.

Call The Police

Contacting the police before leaving the accident scene is crucial to obtain a police report for the claim. The police report enables victims to document the occurrence of an accident. It contains essential information such as the driver’s contact information, incident details, and the conclusions of who was at fault.

Get The Driver’s Information

Victims may think that they are not injured, which is not the case as the adrenaline usually masks the underlying pain. Obtain the driver’s name, license plate number, and contact information. All involved parties must remain at the accident scene to enable police to document a report of the incident. Do not say too much while exchanging information with the driver. Discussions about the fault are to be avoided as such remarks may come back to haunt victims later on.

Gather Evidence

Take pictures of the accident scene as soon as possible, where the vehicle hit the victim, speed signs, and anything else that could be used as evidence in court proceedings. Obtain the names and contact information of witnesses on-site as they are called upon to testify about what they saw if need be. To provide further evidence, keep the clothes in the condition they were after the accident and other items such as cell phones and electronic gadgets smashed due to the accident.

Sit down and document everything during and after the accident. Please do this as soon as possible and be detailed when describing the events as they prove significant and impact the court’s decisions later on.

Obtain A Full Medical Exam As Soon As Possible

It is essential to visit a medical facility to be assessed by a health care professional. Most pedestrians end up being hurt as they are unprotected during the collision. Other injuries may take weeks to present themselves, as adrenaline keeps victims from feeling the extent of the damage. Ensure to visit a doctor for an examination to save a life and obtain legal records. The driver or witnesses may assist victims who are rendered unconscious after an accident.

Contact A Local Personal Injury Lawyer Before Making A Claim

It is arguably one of the most crucial steps that pedestrians hit by vehicles are advised to take. Schedule a free consultation with an experienced local pedestrian accident attorney. An attorney is responsible for helping clients claim the compensation and the total amount. A lawyer helps contact the insurance company on behalf of a client and explains the options and rights in the victim’s best interest.

Contact The Insurance Company

Avoid making calls to insurance companies immediately after an accident. A seasoned lawyer assists in presenting facts about the driver’s information, what vehicle was involved, and the identity of witnesses. Avoid communicating with the insurers without consulting the attorney first.

Victims injured in a pedestrian accident caused by a negligent driver are advised to contact a personal injury attorney. Consider those firms working on a contingency fee basis, which means that payments are made only when financial compensation is recovered.