The Perfect Rig: How to Create a Unique Gaming Space

Once you get into gaming it soon becomes clear you need a dedicated space. It doesn’t have to be a full room for gaming in, just a corner of one will do, but it has to be all about gaming for you to get the best experience. How do you create the perfect gaming space that is unique to you? Read on to find out.

Begin with the Brains of the Operation

Your gaming space is incomplete without a powerful gaming PC capable of providing triple-A games in gloriously colorful 4K, or even in virtual reality. To get the best experience from your gaming, you should invest in a quality gaming workstation that will stand the test of time. It should still be giving you access to the best games at the highest framerates for years to come. This Lenovo Gaming Workstation PC is the perfect example, as it packs all the punch you will need for triple-A titles from a brand you can trust for quality and tech support.

Get Yourself a Gaming Throne

With your gaming PC in place, you have completed level one, but you are going to need much more than a powerful personal computer to get gaming. The gamer’s chair is one of the most important elements of a gaming space, and perhaps one of the most controversial.

You may not want to hear it, but gamer chairs suck. They are all style over substance and are usually uncomfortable over an hour of gaming, never mind a day of gameplay. The pro move here is to use an ergonomic office chair. These are designed for long-term, daily use. Gamer chairs are designed to catch the eye and create a buzz, and little else. The ‘king of the hill’ needs a comfortable throne.

Source the Right Screen for the Room

The screen, or screens, you choose to play your games on is very important. You can have a well-built gaming PC with all the latest bells and whistles, but without a screen to match, there is little point. You need a monitor that can cope with high framerates and displays vivid colors in super high definition.

Size is important here too. You may prefer just one giant screen, or a pair of mid-size monitors depending on what you plan to play or what other uses you have in mind for your PC. A popular choice is a middle ground. Pick a big screen first, with all the features you need, and add a smaller second screen later to cover your bases.

Say It with Accessories

Once you have the important components in place you may notice things are a bit dull and gray. Screens, PC towers, and office chairs are all plain and industrial looking, so you need to use accessories to add some character and color to the space.

Fortunately, you have no shortage of options. Colorful LED keyboards and mice are a must, and fun with LEDs doesn’t need to stop there. You can use LED strips to bring some light and color to dark corners or even your screen and PC. Keep going though, add some posters of your favorite games or characters and anything else gaming related that make the space fun.

How you personalize your space is up to you, but you should use it as an opportunity to express yourself. Make the space reflect the gamer inside and push you to the next level when you play.