Showbox for Xbox: Showbox is one app which can be used over a vast number of devices. Some of the devices are smartphones, Showbox Videos on Chromecast, Showbox for PS4, Showbox for PC Windows 10, etc. You can watch movies, shows or any video from the Internet for free using this app.

Here, we are going to discuss how to get Showbox on Xbox one. Xbox one is a video game console developed by Microsoft. You can connect your television set and smartphone through Xbox one. It allows you watch movies and tv shows straight from your smartphone on the television screen. So let’s understand what steps we need to execute to get on Xbox One. Or check the Showbox FAQ page for more info.

watch showbox on xbox one

Showbox for Xbox App Requirements

  1. A good WiFi connection to buffer the videos quickly.
  2. Your Xbox one and the Android device should connect to the same WiFi network.
  3. A television set to watch the movies or TV shows which will stream from Showbox.
  4. Install two apps on your Android device. These two apps are AllConnect and Showbox.

Note: Clear all the default media players from the settings >> applications >> defaults. This step is vital since we will be using the AllConnect app.

Steam Showbox to Xbox One

Once both the apps install on your Android device, launch Showbox app and select any movie or TV show whichever you wish to watch.

  1. Go to the menu by clicking on the three vertical dots and select ‘Other Player’ from the drop-down box in the option where media players are available.
  2. Then, choose the quality in which you wish to watch the video. And then, click on the ‘WATCH NOW’ option.
  3. You will observe a dialog box which will have a list of apps which you need to proceed with. Now, click on ‘AllConnect’ and then, click on ‘OK.’
  4. AllConnect will then search for all the devices available near you. Once the search finishes, tap on your Xbox One.
  5. The movie or the show which you had selected will start buffering. Once the video loads, it will start playing on your television set.

In Conclusion

If you execute all the steps listed above correctly, you will be successful in streaming Showbox on your television using the Xbox One. The biggest advantage of this method is that you get a bigger screen to watch the movie or TV shows as compared to the screen of smartphones. If you get stuck at any of the steps listed above then, please let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. I do all the steps as shown above on Xbox one but when I click stream other player then press play.

    It just comes on phone.

    There’s videos etc coming through on Xbox with that app and other apps like all cast so it’s not as if it isn’t streaming onto the Xbox via the app.

  2. I done that and i can’t get off the app and when I press on the showbox it puts me back on all connect Ive disconnected Xbox but it not letting me on to shoebox films

  3. Dunno what’s happened but since yesterday all connect has stopped searching for my xbox, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled still doesn’t find the xbox

  4. I cant seem to get this to work:/like my xbox and phone are connected to the same wifi but the in the app iy says theirs no device discovered


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